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A delightfully simple note taking app.
Ethernote is a simple note taking app for work or personal use. It's synced to the cloud and always up to date, with powerful search and features to keep you organized.
You'll love using Ethernote.

We built Ethernote as avid note-takers who just couldn't quite find the right tool to fit our workflow.

Ethernote is synced to the cloud, always up to date, with powerful search built right in. Plus, a rich editor and formatting capabilities to create beautiful notes.

Notes can be structured into different collections – simple folders to keep everything organized.

This is just the start for Ethernote. We're excited to build a truly wonderful note-taking product and writing companion. Ethernote is completely free whilst in beta. We plan to release a paid version of Ethernote in the future, but there will always be a free version available.

We hope you enjoy using Ethernote.

— The Ethernote Team

Always in sync.
Ethernote is a cloud-first notes application, meaning your changes are instantly saved to the cloud and available everywhere.
Instantly searchable.
Powerful instant search gives you access to notes at the touch of a few keystrokes.
Easily organized.
Notes can be organized into simple folders, called 'Collections'. Create all the notes you need, without creating clutter.